Stephen Ward That Man Stephen Ward – Cheltenham Festival

“…the superb Damian Thantrey…evokes the Profumo affair in all its seedy sensationalism…he brilliantly captures Ward’s mixture of faux-poshness, camp bonhomie, oily obsequiousness and deep insecurity.  He speaks and sings over a score that deftly conjures up the songs and dances of the era  but which also has an apt, brittle edge…”

The Times, Richard Morrison

“The opera takes the form of a soliloquy – speech, recitatives, arias and cabaret songs all enacted by Damian Thantrey as Ward…magnificent [and] eminently believable in the role of Ward and in all the other parts as well…[his] performance is electrifying; if I see acting of such depth and power again this year. I shall be both surprised and delighted.”

MusicWeb: Roger Jones

Guimard Simoon – Cottier Chamber/McOpera

“The cast delivered the hi-concentrate libretto with dark and devilish potency…Damian Thantrey portraying Guimard’s diminishing will with horrifying vocal conviction”

The Scotsman, Ken Walton

“…Damian Thantrey a credibly lusty, damaged Guimard”

The Guardian, Kate Molleson

Lun Tha The King and I – Théâtre du Châtelet

“…‘I Have Dreamed’ and ‘We Kiss In A Shadow’ (sublime, with baritone Damian Thantrey as [Tuptim’s] illicit lover Lun Tha) rightly received some of the loudest applause of the evening.”

Musical Theatre Review, Jeremy Chapman

“The feather-light soprano of Je Ni Kim and the appealing matinée-idol baritone of Damian Thantrey lent charisma to the young lovers Tuptim and Lun Tha, whose romance ends tragically.”

Opera News, Stephen J. Mudge

“Et l’inévitable couple d’amoureux malheureux, Damian Thantrey (Lun Tha) et Je Ni Kim (Tuptim), est charmant”

Diapason, Michel Parouty

Wolf/Cinderella’s Prince Into the Woods – Théâtre du Châtelet

“On retiendra en particulier l’énergie de Francesca Jackson en Chaperon rouge [et] l’élégance vocale et dramatique de Damian Thantrey (le Prince et le Loup)”, Jean-Guillaume Lebrun

“…le baryton…Damian Thantrey [est] irréprochable”

Le Figaro, Christian Merlin

“…excellently judged performances from the entire cast…the pompous striding of Damian Thantrey as Cinderella’s aristocratic prince, and Francesca Jackson’s flouncy, naughty Little Red Riding Hood all joined in this company triumph.”

Opera News, Stephen J. Mudge

Christine Buffle…is a terrific Baker’s Wife, thoroughly relishing being ravished by Cinderella’s Prince, a hilarious Damian Thantrey…”

Musical Theatre Review, Jeremy Chapman

English Clerk Death in Venice – Opera North

“As the English Clerk, Damian Thantrey’s confirmed that the cholera outbreak had taken hold with indisputable, clarion-like authority.”

Opera Today, Claire Seymour

“…and there are standout performances from countertenor Christopher Ainslie, as the Voice of Apollo…and Damian Thantrey as the English Clerk, and, of course, a superb chorus.

The Arts Shelf

“Damian Thantrey makes his mark as English Clerk.”

York Press, Martin Dreyer

SUM – Royal Opera House

“Three committed and accomplished soloists – Caroline McPhie, Damian Thantrey and Rupert Enticknap…”

Daily Telegraph, Rupert Christiansen

“Caroline MacPhie, Rupert Enticknap and Damian Thantrey, all excellent…

Financial Times, Richard Fairman

Sherasmin Oberon – New Sussex Opera

“…Thantrey and [Carolyn] Dobbin have genuine charm.”

The Guardian, Tim Ashley

“Damian Thantrey was excellent as her lover Sherasmin, his voice supple and increasingly powerful, his physical gestures always detailed and natural.”

Bachtrack, Charlotte Valori

Faiz Babur in London – The Opera Group

“It’s indisputably accomplished, and superbly sung…with Damian Thantrey as the embittered Faiz”

The Independent, Cara Chanteau

“Saira (played with conviction by the rich-voiced Annie Gill)…is accompanied by co-plotter Faiz (baritone Damian Thantrey, who gave a strong and controlled performance)”, Sophie Rashbrook

Mr Lindquist A Little Night Music – Théâtre du Châtelet

“On relève aussi les très belles interprétations …ainsi que des cinq chanteurs du quintette — en réservant une ovation particulière au magnifique baryton de Damian Thantrey”

The Soldier Les Amoureux – Company Chordelia
“The Soldier himself brings a superb additional dimension to the piece. Sung beautifully by the excellent baritone Damian Thantrey, his appearance as the innocent conscript, pushing his bicycle tentatively into the vampire’s lair, reminds us how rarely we hear truly accomplished song in Scottish theatre.”

Sunday Herald, Mark Brown

Blazes, The Lighthouse – Psappha/Orkney Festival
This latest production, mounted by the Manchester-based Psappha ensemble at Lancaster University…stands out among the many I’ve seen… here are three fine singers, each doubling as one of the support-ship officers who discovered the still unexplained disappearance of the keepers of the Flannan Isle light in the Outer Hebrides in 1900. The tenor James Oxley as Sandy, the keeper with the murky sexual past, the baritone Damian Thantrey as Blazes, with his violent past, and the bass-baritone Jonathan Best as the Bible-bashing Arthur are splendidly at home in their roles…”

The Sunday Times, Paul Driver

Chao Lin, A Night at the Chinese Opera – Scottish Opera

“the likeable ensemble, headed by Damian Thantrey’s handsome Chao-Lin, does the composer proud”

The Sunday Times, Hugh Canning

“Cast adrift from familiar musical languages of mood and of character, Damian Thantrey does brilliantly to flesh out the character of Chao Lin…Weir’s beautifully taught passages of music and a tension between vocalist and orchestra in which subtle changes in instrumentation or vocal styles precipitate thrilling swings of mood or emotion. The director helps here, having cast a very striking looking actor in Thantrey, whose strong facial features flicker between the imperious road-builder and the vulnerable orphan.”

The Journal, Evan Beswick

Damian Thantrey is compelling as Chao Lin.”

The Times, Hilary Finch

The Traveller, Death in Venice –  Opéra de Metz

La jeunesse et la beauté du baryton basse Damian Thantrey permettent d’illustrer avec justesse les multiples visages tentateurs. Fascinante cette façon de pousser Aschenbach à sonder son moi intime! Voix souple et généreuse capable de mille couleurs de la plus cauteleuse à la plus ironique. “, Bernard Niedda

“On remarquera surtout les multiples incarnations – le vieux beau, le directeur de l’hôtel, le gondolier, le barbier, etc. – du baryton britannique Damian Thantrey, par ailleurs excellent comédien, lui aussi fort aguerri à Britten. ”, Bertrand Bolognesi

Nardo, La Finta Giardiniera – Garsington Opera

My laurels went to…Damian Thantrey, a vocally flexible young baritone who moves more intelligently than the rest and has vestiges of a fledgling Thomas Hampson.”

The Independent, Roderic Dunnett

“…and servant Nardo (Damian Thantrey – a beautifully sung performance, this is a name to watch)”

Oxford Times, Giles Woodford

“the imposing Damian Thantrey as Nardo is excellent, with Thantrey wittily exploiting his act-two aria contrasting French and English manners.”

The Guardian, Edward Greenfield

Count Almaviva, The Marriage of Figaro – Savoy Opera

Leading off for the gentry are Damian Thantrey’s dangerous, insecure Count – a riveting performance”

The Stage, George Hall

“Damian Thantrey is a handsome peacock of a Count, a sexual predator with a veneer of nobility, all too easily peeled away as his clandestine infidelities are unmasked.”

The Sunday Times, Hugh Canning

Kindertotenlieder – Rambert Dance Company

“The dancers are outshone only by the wonderful voice of baritone Damian Thantrey who is present on stage singing out the tragic story throughout their dancing…The high point of the evening for me though was the beautiful resonance in baritone Damian Thantrey’s voice”

BBC, Theresa Roche

Songs of a Wayfarer – Rambert Dance Company

Damian Thantrey is a noble baritone for the songs.”

The Sunday Times, David Dougill